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How To Credit Our Visuals

We make our visuals free for non-commercial use to all animal advocates who want to use them for their website, articles, social media, or elsewhere. In return, we ask that you provide the appropriate photographer or videographer accreditation.

Here you can learn how to properly credit We Animals’s images — and why it’s so important.

Why Does Photo Crediting Matter?

Crediting is a condition of our licensing terms. Our contributors often do this very difficult work at their own expense and may earn little to no revenue, and by crediting them, you help give them exposure so others may also find their animal photojournalism. Read more about our user license types.

Where Do I Find The Credit Requirements?

All crediting information is provided on our stock platform to the right of each visual when you click it. Simply scroll down the right-hand side bar when viewing an image or video clip and you’ll find it. 

You can also find the credit information on your receipt, after you have downloaded your visual(s). 

Or, you can right click the visual and look in the Copyright field on the Details tab of the file properties. 

Properties, copyright details

If you’re using a photo editing software like Lightroom, Bridge or Photoshop, you can also find the credit information in the Copyright metadata field.

Crediting Best Practices

There are a few different ways you can give credit on social media, whether it’s within your post caption, on the image or video itself, or via tagging (or even better, all three!) Here are a few examples from organizations who use our visuals:


Website Crediting Example_NatGeo


Facebook Crediting Example_THL


Facebook Crediting Example_THL


Facebook Crediting Example_THL
Facebook Crediting Example_THL

Tip: If you know the photographer’s or videographer’s social media tags, include those within the credit too. Sometimes it’s easy to find them via a simple search on the platform. This is a great way to get more eyes on their important work, and to get extra shares of your posts too!

The We Animals stock platform offers 20,000+ images and video clips, free for non-commercial use. Explore and download visuals.