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The Cost of Efficiency

When we devalue the experiences of animals, anything we do to them becomes justified so long as it brings value to us.

Mediterranean Aquaculture & Fishing

This series of photographs was taken by animal photojournalist Selene Magnolia to document the shocking reality for the fish who are trapped in present-day aquaculture conditions in and around the Mediterranean Sea.

Eggs: The Unseen Story

Organic. Cage-free. Free-range. Perhaps no animal industry has stamped itself with more distinguishing labels than eggs.

The rise of caged duck farming in Taiwan

It is a special kind of torture to cage a duck. In 2019, We Animals joined the Environment and Animal Society of Taiwan (EAST) to investigate and document animal industries around the country, including one disturbing new agricultural trend: caged duck farming.

The Sounds of A Slaughterhouse

The sound of a pig at a slaughterhouse is somewhere between a scream and a roar. Whirring industrial fans, beeping machinery, and shouting workers add to the hellish chaos.

An Inside Look at Asian Wet Markets

In recent months following the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), the world has been introduced to “wet markets”. They are places common across Asia for all things perishable, such as fruits, vegetables, and – most notably – animals, dead or alive.

Live export: The Longest Journey

We Animals' Australian correspondent Anna Mackiewicz tracks live export from her homeland to the Middle East, and across borders worldwide.

Prolonging Death: The Practice of Fish Tethering in Asia

In spite of what we now know about animal sentience, our priorities continue to lie in finding ways to maximize profit at their expense.

An Untold Story of Dairy Production

For the past fifteen years, my work as an animal photojournalist has taken me through the world of dairy production, far beyond the marketing campaigns, and taught me an entirely different story about milk. 

An Expose on Animal Clubbing at Thai Slaughterhouses

We are disconnected from what we eat and who we eat, and from the extent of suffering that billions of animals are subjected to.

The Grim Truth about Animal Exports

Hundreds of thousands of live animals are transported each year on ships from Australia and Europe to the Middle East.
Abandoned Pig Farm

Abandoned Pig Farm

Jo-Anne McArthur meditates on her experience of documenting two pig farms in a single day - one operational, and one long abandoned.