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Become a We Animals Ally

By making a monthly gift, you’ll join the We Animals Allies, a critical group of supporters who help sustain our work year-round. Your monthly donation will support We Animals’ work to document the stories of animals used for human purposes — for food, fashion, entertainment and experimentation — and connect those stories to the individuals, organizations and media who can amplify their reach.

Your monthly gift will support our team as we embark on investigations, expand our network of international partnerships, broaden our reach to media and animal advocates, and continue to provide the movement with free access to the 30,000+ images and videos in our stock collection.

Your generous donations will help build bridges between social movements, mentor the next generation of advocate media makers, and spark change for animals.

How your monthly donation helps:


Ensures that our stock collection continues as a free resource to animal advocates.


Supports the commissioning and publication of We Animals stories.


Assists with the purchase of new investigation equipment and repairs.


Contributes to the on-ground expenses of a photographer or videographer.


Cover the airfares of three photographers a year for international travel.

Why give monthly?

It’s as simple as any monthly subscription service.
Your budget will thank you for spreading your donation out over the year.
You’ll reduce our administrative costs so we can direct more funds to our work.
Your commitment allows We Animals to plan more effectively and be ready for breaking animal stories.
Your commitment allows We Animals the security to lock in long-term projects.
You’ll be part of a global community of people committed to building a kinder world.

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Hear from other We Animals Allies

Ellyn Kail


Starting a monthly gift to We Animals was a way for me to take all the anger, remorse, and grief I felt about how we abuse our fellow beings and turn it into something good. Over the years, being a We Animals Ally has been a source of solace, strength, and hope.

Barbara Rasmussen


Being a We Animals Ally is my way of being on the front lines. I believe with my everything that veganism is the only bright future for our entire planet, and I believe We Animals is a cornerstone of the foundation for that shift, for that change.

Bobby Ray


My reasons for becoming an Ally are fairly obvious ones: the quality of the photographs and having those photographs available for all to use to improve the lives of our other animal friends. And cheers for having the hearts and determination to even take those photos. I like to support sanctuaries, but I also like to support organizations that do outstanding work for the best cause and We Animals is top-notch.