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As the world’s leading animal photojournalism agency, it is our mission to document the stories of animals in the human environment. Our growing network of contributing photographers, videographers and fixers extends throughout the world, allowing us to capture content from a wide range of animal industries. We also connect these stories to broader issues, such as climate change, and explore solutions to these important problems.

Our current focus areas are:

    • Food Systems (e.g.  production, processing and distribution, points of sale)
    • Aquatic Life (e.g farmed and wild fish, crustaceans, cephalopods)
    • Environment and Health (e.g. pollution, habitat destruction, environmental disasters, farming impacts)
    • Change and Compassion (e.g. activism, rescue, shelter and sanctuary, the future of food)

Though we do consider animal stories covering other topics, priority is given to stories that fall within our current areas of focus, or those which can be used to help further the campaign efforts of partner NGOs.

Please view our Content Gaps for further details.

If you would like to contribute to We Animals, please fill out the appropriate form below. Before submitting, please take a moment to explore our strategic plan.

We look forward to reviewing your submission, but please note that we are not able to contact everyone. A member of our team will be in touch if we are interested in licensing your visuals or taking the next step with your pitch.

Pitch a Story

We Animals works with photojournalists and videographers from around the world to investigate and document the lives and experiences of animals, and how these stories connect to important issues of our time. 

We are particularly interested in expanding our network of new and existing contributors who are working regionally where they are based. While we will consider covering international travel for exceptional cases, we are more likely to assign projects within your country of residence. Please consider this before you submit a proposal.

To pitch an assignment idea, please submit your pitch by filling out this form.

Act as a Fixer for Investigations

Having partners on the ground local to the regions in which we are working, to research and scope the shoot logistics is often crucial for a successful outcome.

We are keen to hear from professional fixers with the connections and research, language, and interpersonal skills to lay the groundwork for investigations in their local region.

If you would like to support our animal photojournalists during their time in the field, please fill out this form.

** We are open to fixers in all areas, but are currently prioritizing regions in Asia and Latin America.

Contribute Visuals to the Stock Platform

Together with our network of contributing photographers and videographers, we have created the world’s most comprehensive collection of animal photojournalism. Our stock platform contains 30,000+ visuals of award-winning photojournalism that have been featured in The Guardian, The Washington Post, National Geographic, BBC, and hundreds of others.

As a contributor, your visuals will be accessed by our ever-expanding network of media outlets, NGOs, academics, and other advocates who require visuals for their work. We promote new contributions in several ways: through media outreach, our email list, social media, and website. You can find out more about how we licence content here.

If you have images or video footage that you would like us to consider for the stock platform, please fill out this form after reviewing our licence agreement.

Are you an aspiring animal photojournalist or videographer but aren’t yet ready to pitch us a story or submit work for the stock platform? Please explore the We Animals Masterclass, a self-paced instructional video series developed to foster the next generation of animal photojournalists.