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Licensing your visuals to We Animals

We Animals brings visibility to hidden animals through compelling video and photojournalism. As the world’s leading animal photojournalism agency, our mission is to document the stories of animals in the human environment — those used for food, fashion, entertainment, tradition and experimentation — and connect those stories to the individuals and organizations who need them for their advocacy. 

Our stock platform contains 20,000+ royalty-free visuals of award-winning photojournalism that has been featured in The Guardian, The Washington Post, SlateNowThis, and hundreds of others

As a contributor, your visuals will be accessed by our ever-expanding network of media outlets, NGOs, academics, and other advocates who require visuals for their work. We promote new contributions in several ways: through media outreach, and our newsletter, social media, and website.

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Information about licensing your visuals to We Animals:

1. How WAM licenses visuals from you (what you and WAM agree to)
You can see our content license agreement here.

2. What WAM may do with your visuals (editing and journalistic integrity)
While we recognize and respect your unique style as an artist, as a photojournalism agency, WAM upholds certain standards of journalistic integrity and consistency. With your agreement, our editors may lightly edit any submissions to meet our standards and aesthetic. Generally this involves color-correction, tonal adjustments and cropping. We do not blur faces, signs or logos, so if you do not want those elements to be seen, please shoot/submit accordingly.

3.How people are allowed to use the platform (what site users agree to)
To access the platform users must register and agree to the terms and conditions. You can see the terms of use here. Please review these in full so you understand what the user agrees to when accessing our site. Key points include:

  • Users must register to download from the site, and WAM reserves the right to deny access.
  • Users agree not to use works in any way that is defamatory, injurious, or promotes or advocates for any industry, initiative, person or practice that engages in animal misuse or mistreatment, in each case as determined in our sole discretion.

4.Changes to how WAM licenses the visuals to users
We use two general license types:

  • Noncommercial use license. Users intending to use images for Noncommercial purposes will agree to Noncommercial licensing terms. This includes:
    • Users are free to share and adapt the images (indicating the change);
    • Users must attribute the work ([your name] / We Animals);
    • Users can only use the images for noncommercial purposes;
    • These images/video are made available for free.
  • Commercial use license. Users intending to use images for Commercial purposes will agree to Commercial use licensing terms. This includes:
    • Users are free to share and adapt the images (indicating the change);
    • Users must attribute the work ([your name] / We Animals);
    • Users can use the images for commercial purposes;
    • Users will pay a fee for these images/video;
    • You as the Creator will receive a portion of the revenue generated (30%) as a royalty payment as outlined in our license agreement.

We appreciate there may be existing restrictions on your visuals and we will do our best to work with those restrictions.

Note: this information is subject to change. 
Please direct any questions to Kale Ridsdale, Managing Director at