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Documenting Kaporos Chicken Slaughter in New York

Documenting Kaporos Chicken Slaughter in New York

Kapparot, or Kaporos, a ritual practiced by certain sects of orthodox Jews before Yom Kippur, is taking place in New York this week. In 2022, We Animals photojournalists headed to Brooklyn, New York to document the treatment of animals at this annual event.

The Pigs of God: Force-fed then slaughtered for spectacle

Also known as ‘divine pigs’ or ‘god pigs’, these animals are reared to extraordinary weights and then sacrificed as part of annual festivities at a minority of temples across Taiwan.

Inside Dakshinkali Temple

Twice a week the Hindu temple Dakshinkali, located outside of Kathmandu in Nepal, is opened to people wishing to make offerings to the goddess Kali, which often takes the form of animal sacrifice.