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Inside the Foie Gras Industry

Inside the Foie Gras Industry

Foie gras production remains contentious around the globe and its methods have long raised ethical concerns. We Animals photojournalist Pierre Parcoeur recently visited foie gras farms in southwestern France to document the experience of birds living inside these spaces.
Investigation: Inside Vietnam’s Dog Meat Trade And Wet Markets

Investigation: Inside Vietnam’s Dog Meat Trade And Wet Markets

A joint investigation by Asia for Animals Coalition and We Animals has revealed brutal and illegal wet market conditions for animals in Vietnam, including dogs, cats and critically endangered wildlife.

Investigation: Duck Egg Farming in Indonesia

We Animals and Act for Farmed Animals have investigated brutal conditions on duck egg farms in Indonesia, a growing industry of 60 million birds.

Investigation: Animal Markets in Northern India

A We Animals investigation has uncovered shocking conditions at a live animal market in India. The photos and video captured expose the harsh reality for animals trapped within the food industry.

Inside the Industrial Turkey Machine

In 2019, Canadians ate 6.3 million whole turkeys. We also know that Canadians waste an astounding 40% of our food.

Eggs: The Unseen Story

Organic. Cage-free. Free-range. Perhaps no animal industry has stamped itself with more distinguishing labels than eggs.

An Inside Look at Asian Wet Markets

In recent months following the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), the world has been introduced to “wet markets”. They are places common across Asia for all things perishable, such as fruits, vegetables, and – most notably – animals, dead or alive.